Four stages, ultimately building an BTC Liquidity Endgame.

Stage One

Ad-hoc Genesis Staking and B2B Loyalty Points. (2023-11-1) Fair launch B2B on BSC Mainnet. (2023-11-10)

Stage Two

Genesis Liquidity Farming - to accumulate BTCB and BNB/B2B liquidity. (2023-11-11) Launching

BTCU Stablecoin Module and incentive BTCU-USDC liquidity. (Q4 2023)

Stage Three

Launching BTCU Strategy Vaults. (Q1 2024)

Launching the Perp and Yield Exchange of the BTCB Leverage Trading Ecosystem. (Q1 2024)

Launching the BTCU backed Liquidity Distribute Ecosystem and Structured Product. (Q2 2024)

Stage Four

Improving the BTC backed Trading Ecosystem to attract external developers to build more trading scenarios. (Q3 2024)

Supporting WBTC ad-hoc staking and trading ecosystem on more chains. (Q3 2024)Future

Seasons and Initiatives for builders, protocols, LPs, and swappers (Q4 2024)

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